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Andre Brewer (12)
WHO Proposes Rescheduling Cannabis Under International Law

I'm a fintech and business journalist with years of managerial experience from various independent news websites. I've been comparing values since the age of ten and have been making a living with providing analysis on different market trends and issues. Watch out for my opinion pieces here in The Harvest Investor.

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Eva Hughes (11)
Cannabis Cultivators License in Canada Reaches 1000 Applications

Before entering the journalism profession, I'm a business strategist for many start-up companies. I've analyzed market trends and provided necessary strategies for smalltime companies to prosper. Today, I am to share the wisdom with the world by offering essential journalistic views and opinions that add value to the progress of every headline.

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Kent Harris (10)
Are You Ready in Invest in Cannabis Stocks?

With the current situation of various markets and the ever inconsistency of value in stocks of different trades, the need for constant discussion is a must. I'm a professional financial journalist that aims to provide readers the full 360-degree discussion on current market trends and much more. I've been in the news industry for over ten years.

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Kristen Burke (12)
Cannabis Cafes are Popping Up Across the Country

I'm passionate about everything I do. I extend a full amount of effort on things that interest me the most. Business and Entrepreneurship are the issues or topics that are the closest to my heart since my early days in the online news industry. As a professional journalist, I'm here to investigate headlines with you, and discuss the pros and cons to expand our understanding further.

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Noelle Hoffman (10)
Cannabis Industry’s Cautious Optimism Towards New Attorney General

Hi, I'm Noelle, a journalist, and an entrepreneur. I've been covering business headlines since 2015. I've received my professional journalism degree from the North Texas Academy. Catch my daily contents here in The Harvest Investor.

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