In October 2018 the Canadian Government under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made history by legalizing cannabis nationwide. With some people calling it the “green rush” more and more people are looking into how they can make green off the green. One huge destination for cannabis companies is the Lift and Co. Cannabis expo held at the Vancouver Convention Center.

In the past, the Expo has filled the Centre with people who are all about the product. But, this 2019 run of the event is the first time the event is happening under the era of legalization. That is a big deal as it is now filled with more business ventures and not just the usual members of the cannabis community.

Going Industrial

One sign that a business or an industry is getting big is when their equipment gets big. One example is the Twister Trimmer from Keirton Inc. This giant-sized spiralizer can save manufacturers on time while maximizing the profits. As Jocelyn Prefontaine said the machine will do 500 pounds per hour. That is concerning the average of two pounds in an 8-hour period by a hand trimmer.

Big things are rarely cheap, and Prefontaine says that a single machine costs hundreds of thousands of dollars. But, from the ten they have sold worldwide, they can confidently say that it is worth the investment. Exposure of their machine on a platform like the Lift and Co. not only puts more eyes on them but connects them directly with possible buyers.

At the same time, they can also see what other big machines other companies are coming out with. One example is the Vitalis Q-Series Extraction System which can convert bulk amounts of cannabis to CBD and THC oils with carbon dioxide as a solvent. The last part is an important touch as carbon dioxide is known to be a cleaner alternative to other solvents like butane.

Another piece of equipment on display during the event was the Henkelman Vacuum food sealer. It may seem unconventional but according to sales manager Wes Lund he saw that the patented sealer would work well to increase the shelf life of buds. He has been at it for two years and says that “it’s been nothing but success since.” He even states that some of the bigger sponsors of the event use their product.

Teaming Up with the Right Partner

It is not all about the big machines at the Cannabis Expo. Some companies are looking to make or announce business partnerships. Flowr Corporation just came to an agreement with popular chain Shoppers Drug Mart to supply the retailer with medical cannabis. The agreement will have the products available online and eventually in the pharmacies depending on federal regulations.

This is important to Lyle Oberg the Chief Policy and Medical Officer of Flowr because as he says, “if you’re going to be buying medicinal marijuana, Shoppers is certainly the place you want to go to because you can trust them.” 

However, Oberg does admit to some issues with the distribution of the supply of legal cannabis. When things settle down, he believes that only one thing will dictate who stands tall in this cannabis quarrel: quality.

It is interesting to see how much has been happening already in the cannabis industry even before the legalization. Who knew food sealer would sell so well in the cannabis industry? What is impressive is how fast the industry seems to be adapting especially with the production of industrial-sized equipment and strategic partnerships.

There are still so many new issues to be addressed since the legalization. Nonetheless, it is exciting to see what direction the industry will go. Should more countries follow suit, funding for research development can skyrocket, and we can only imagine what innovators can come up then. That might even be something to look forward to at next year’s expo.