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Canada Sold $43M of Cannabis in the First Two Weeks of Legalization

According to Statistics Canada, the sales of cannabis stores have totaled over $43 million in just two weeks after the legalization of marijuana. The agency has started collecting data for online and in-store sales from cannabis retailers as of October 17th, when dried or fresh bud, plants oil, and seeds became legal for recreational use.

The first set of data has been released Friday, which is a piece of the agency’s more comprehensive monthly retail trade figure for two weeks of sales. However, it would reflect a complete month’s reference in the long run.

According to Statistics Canada, different retail structures in each territory and provinces affect the availability of cannabis across the country. The agency says that the figures for retail stores will vary as a lot of new stores will continue to be available online, while the marketplace evolves.

Ontario has been leading the way with sales more than $11 million, while Quebec is a close second with more than $10 million of sales.

The data for Nunavut is unavailable, while the figures for Yukon, Northwest Territories, and Manitoba were withheld noting the privacy concerns. Despite the small population, P.E.I. has sold more pot per capita than most provinces. It equals out to $8 of marijuana for every person in the area, sold within two weeks.

As for the packages of edibles, they are yet to be legally sold, however, Health Canada has already released some draft regulations on Thursday for its sale. Edibles will be legal before the 17th of October 2019.

Furthermore, edibles won’t be permitted if there are more than 10 milligrams of THC, while the topical and extracts should not exceed of 1,000 milligrams of THC.

These regulations have proposed some restrictions on the ingredients, which could make it appealing to kids, as well as the requirement of plain, child-resistant packaging that displays the cannabis symbol along with a health warning.

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