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Cannabis Industry Changing Workforce Landscape

Job openings available in the cannabis sector reach an all-time high. Despite not having an official number of jobs created, the marijuana industry opened about 200,000 to 300,000 new posts in the U.S. alone. Job-listing sites like ZipRecruiter and Glassdoor, which witnessed a 76 percent rise in job openings last year, benefit from the emerging market giant.

Most of the jobs available in the cannabis industry are retail and agricultural work, which are low-paying posts. However, high-paying positions like software engineers, nurses, and chemists are currently witnessing an increase in demand. In 2018, 50 percent of the Glassdoor job openings last year consists of professional and technical posts.

The cannabis industry will continue to open more professional roles during its legitimization. Expert posts will witness an increase in demand to help cannabis businesses enter broader markets and comply with state laws and tax regulations.

The industry’s rise in job openings creates shifts in the workforce. After hitting a high in use after 14 years, New York City approved a bill that prohibits forced drug tests in essential industries. With the reduced stigma around it, most enterprises are changing their drug testing rules in hopes of avoiding the potential of employees moving to other businesses with a more relaxed stance on marijuana use.

Schools are also trying to include preparations for jobs in the industry in their curriculum. There are universities in Colorado, California, Michigan, and New York that are offering students courses that are related to the cannabis sector.

There are also companies who are quick to pull the trigger on de-stigmatization. Denver-based Key to Cannabis abandoned their happy hour menu of wine and beer and replaced it with joints and munchies. The company founder of Key to Cannabis reveals that he finds joints more relaxing. The company dedicates itself to comparing and reviewing CBD products in the market.

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