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CBD Becoming Alternative to OTC Drugs

CBD started to become a source for the alternative health supplement and wellness products since it rose to the front of the American consciousness with its legalization. Research supports medical cannabis’ rise after finding that a rapidly increasing number of patients and consumers are purchasing the product more than over-the-counter drugs. According to a Consumer Reports survey in January 2019, a quarter of 4,000 patients across the country find that prescription products laced with CBD are suitable replacements for OTC drugs like Tylenol. They also replaced prescription drugs like anti-anxiety medications, sleeping aids, and opioids with medical cannabis. More than half of those who responded to the survey did not take CBD in their medication while 30% use it along with their regular medication supplements. The remaining 22%, meanwhile, replaced their medications entirely with medical cannabis. Lisa Gill, Deputy Editor for Consumer Reports, presented the survey results at the US Food and Drug Administration public hearing in May. The FDA administered the survey to gain more knowledge about cannabis’ safety, manufacturing, marketing, labeling, sale, and quality of the products containing medical marijuana. The FDA extended the deadline for obtaining scientific information and data to July 16. The survey results also include data that reveals where CBD users purchase their medication. 40% of the respondents bought cannabis prescription through dispensaries. The results also showed that infused edibles are the most popular forms of CBD products.

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