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CBS Refused to Air Cannabis Commercial at Super Bowl

A commercial that supports legal medical cannabis was shot down. CBS refused to air the ad during the 53rd Super Bowl. The cannabis company, Acreage Holdings’ failure in their attempt to use the advertisement as an advocacy campaign to reach more constituents comes to no surprise. The sport has never been known to be progressive that is why their reaction is rather expected. The NFL championship coverage, taking place every first Sunday of February, was a coveted spot for advertisement agencies because of their 100 million viewers. It is the ultimate American Tradition that is made up of three hours of game, half-time show and commercials. People come together to watch, expect some thrills and excitement while binging on their favorite snacks. For the Super Bowl this year, Maroon 5 performed the halftime show, along with the rapper Travis Scott. This comes after Rihanna and Cardi B, who were previously invited by the NFL, both declined to express their solidarity with Colin Kaepernick. The Super Bowl is the most-watched event every year that is why commercial spots don’t come cheap. There is no denying the amount of attention a campaign could gain when aired during the event. CBS is said to charge $5 million dollars for 30 seconds of airtime. Acreage Holdings was looking forward to benefiting from this prospect to get further attention with an ad that the company was already produced at that time. The company, which operates in 15 states, was ready to pay the cost to run their ad, but the network rejected their proposal due to a rough outline. The president of Acreage Holdings, George Allen, stated that airing of their commercial during the game would have helped in accomplishing their mission.

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