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Couche-Tard and Canopy Growth Corp. Partner Up in Ontario

The retail convenience store chain Couche-Tard Inc. will be launching cannabis with Canopy Growth in Ontario.  Following this recently-formed partnership, Couche-Tard has come into a trademark agreement with the winner of the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario’s (AGCO) Expression of Interest Application Lottery, to operate a retail store with “Tweed” brand in London, Ontario.  The winner of the lottery will have complete control and ownership of the store in Ontario. With the partnership, Couche-Tard plans to rely on the cannabis expertise of Canopy Growth and take advantage of their involvement with other products to concentrate on the safe and responsible use of cannabis, as is required by the federal government. London, Ontario will play as a crucial entry to the global retail market. “Alimentation Couche-Tard is excited about taking a leadership role in the development of cannabis retailing excellence in this major Canadian market. We believe the Ontario Cannabis Store and private retailers will co-exist under a tightly regulated framework with common goals to protect public health and safety,” said Brian Hannasch, CEO of Alimentation Couche-Tard. Tweed brand of Canopy Growth which is currently on the retail market in Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Newfoundland, and Labrador, is known all over Canada as a dependable source of cannabis with in-depth knowledge on teaching users of their needs of the cannabis. The Tweed brand has demonstrated an exceptional commitment to customer service, quality, and education-based marketing participation in all outlet stores. The Tweed store in London, Ontario is expected to open in April 2019 and will offer oils, soft gels, and dried products, along with a variety of accessories that will allow buyers choose their preferred way of using cannabis safely and responsibly.

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