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First Canadian Cannabis Wedding Expo in Calgary

Legalization of cannabis in Canada made a significant impact on the country’s consumer market. It is now a fast-growing industry that serves a driving force for the business market. With cannabis mostly being utilized for its medicinal purposes, is now being incorporated in various ways – you might even see it on a wedding day. Last Saturday, the first Canadian Wedding Expo took place in Calgary. Different vendors presented how to incorporate cannabis in their special day from tabletop linens, wedding cakes, centerpieces, and goodie bags. Wedding vendors said that they had been overwhelmed with couples looking to infuse Cannabis on their special day. The expo aimed to teach couples how to add a green touch on their wedding ceremonies and most importantly, how to do it safely. Laureen Cauryn Cameron, Canadian Cannabis Wedding Expo organizer, said that the curiosity of many couples was awakened and was intrigued by how a weed wedding can be. Cameron said that there are many ways to incorporate cannabis aside from just smoking it such as using it aesthetically in the flowers or having it as the wedding favor. Natalia Chiles assists couples in organizing their wedding plans, from stag parties to honeymoons, in line with their cannabis-inspired themes. Chiles said that there are various alternatives to what people can imagine of a weed wedding. These options could be anything from a few drops of non-psychoactive CBD oil infused in a tea to smoking up a marijuana cigar. While commercial edibles are still prohibited, cake vendors like Marcia Calencia are infusing baked goods by using marijuana leaves as decor. Calencia said that she’s waiting for it to be legalized as it will be a big boost for their business. Samantha MacCallum, whose wedding date is still a more than a year away, said weed accents are probably going to appear on her special day. She was stunned seeing the chocolates, edibles and bath bombs as she’s looking forward to finding unique gifts on the tables. Weed weddings would not only infuse cannabis on cakes, edibles, design or other items. MacCallum said that one of her bridesmaids uses marijuana for its medicinal purposes and promoting the use of cannabis will make her special day inclusive. She stressed that her bridesmaid would surely enjoy the day having the freedom to use it an open and welcoming way and without any stigma attached. Wedding organizers reminded people opting for cannabis wedding to double check and ensure that their chosen venues are weed-friendly before booking.

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