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Fresh&Co Introduces CBD-Infused Dishes

A casual fast food restaurant in New York has started to offer cannabidiol infused dishes for a limited time. Fresh&Co has announced its unique menu ahead of 420.

The chain offers a vegetable-forward and health-oriented menu, even before they have decided to join the trend of serving food that is infused with cannabis. However, the health department of New York City continues to crackdown on CBD-infused products.

Pioneered by Chef Craig Rispoli, Fresh&Co’s CBD-infused menu will be up starting Friday. The limited time menu will last until April 30 and features various cannabinoid infused drink and food items.

A representative from the restaurant explained that the chain aims to “offer a healthier variant of CBD-infused items” because of the public’s growing interest to try out the products.

CBD supplements or additives can be derived from the genus cannabis, especially from hemp. The plant was found out to have anti-inflammatory properties that can relieve pain, stress, and swelling. It can also help improve the sleeping pattern of a person. CBD supplements are also non-psychoactive and only contains trace amounts of tetrahydrocannabinoid, which causes the feeling of “high” when smoking weed.

While the Food and Drug Administration has already prohibited the sale of CBD-infused edibles, CBD foods and drinks remains a gray area since they have not released regulatory policies that are specific for it yet. The lack of reliable research about the apparent beneficial effects of CBD products also does not help in alleviating the confusion among its users.

The FDA has already declared a hearing that will talk about the possible regulatory policies which will be made public. The date was set sometime in May and will discuss the usage of CBD infused edibles. For the time being, the FDA has only issued warnings in collaboration with the FTC to companies that have introduced CBD products as supplements to help treat cancer and Alzheimer’s.

A spokesperson from the food chain has also assured that the new menu will only be offered in small batches and that all the ingredients that will be used will promote a healthy meal consumption. The also expressed that while they understand the cannabinoid is a new hot product that is consumed in edibles, they also have different views about the New York Health Department’s resolution to ban CBD in food and beverage.

Food products that are laced with cannabinoid help the consumer feel more relaxed and significantly calmer, but not necessarily the ‘high’ feeling that is experienced in THC-infused products.

Last December, the Food and Drug Administration of the United States introduced “hemp” to the cannabis designation as a variety with “high concentration of CBD and extremely low derivatives of THC.” The negligible trace of tetrahydro cannabinoid meant that the substance contains not more than 0.3% of THC.

Truffles and cold brew that are infused with CBD will last on their menu until July; even the other CBD infused dishes will not be available anymore. The Health Department said that violations for non-compliance with the regulatory policies would be warranted starting October 2019.

However, the health officials of New York has stated with their crackdown by seizing CBD-infused products five months before the declared date for noncompliance issuance. Thousands of dollars worth of products have been collected, and some cases have been reported in places like Maine, Ohio, and Georgia. This is because the officials are trying their best to obey the standards set by the feds. Despite all these uncertainties and reports of product seizure, many restaurants and companies are still pushing their luck with the cannabinoid.

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