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Green is the New Black: Cannabis retailers will help you relax this holiday season

How was Cyber Monday? Did you buy lots?  Did you eat lots during Thanksgiving? Well, there is now a push to bring 4/20 closer to the festivities. Behold Green Wednesday.

Those who are already familiar with recreational marijuana use are probably familiar with 4/20 or April 20 the designated celebratory ‘holiday’ for marijuana enthusiasts. Now, this article isn’t going to talk about health benefits or politics, it is just celebrating those who celebrate cannabis.

Still, 4/20 is a pretty isolated day in the year. For most students, that’s just the middle of the spring term. For most working people the day has no practical meaning. Only marijuana enthusiasts care about the special holiday they set for themselves. This is why Green Wednesday answers the call.

Most people get the day off on Thanksgiving. A lot of those same people prefer to take Black Friday off as well. In other words, most look forward to a four-day weekend. What better time to indulge in THC or CBD rich foods or recreational cannabis?

For most, it doesn’t have long-term side effects or hang-overs like from drinking alcohol, it is better to stay home while coming down. The long weekend brought about by Thanksgiving allows users to indulge without needing to snap back to reality too quickly.

Given the negative past perceptions about marijuana, there is a need to mainstream the culture. By relating it to “Green Wednesday” and all the positive feelings that we get from Thanksgiving, the proponents hope to erase the stigma.

It might be a tough sell in some places. But people are already embracing marijuana, and most likely we will see Green Wednesday become a real thing soon.

Why not make your long weekend even longer and more relaxing with Green Wednesday?

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