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Luxury Cannabis Industry on the Rise

Cannabis never used to be a luxury item. It is usually associated with a relaxed, happy-go-lucky, and easy-going people for the longest time. Nowadays, cannabis has gone a long way from being an unlawful substance to becoming one of the breakthrough products of this decade! People have now begun to accept the unconventional and conventional benefits cannabis brings. It has a continuously growing consumer base, and companies should be taking advantage of this kind of demand.

Let us talk about the packaging process. The packaging is more than just a product’s facade. It is also a way of showing everybody your vision for your product. With the fact that some states outlawed cannabis, it cannot undergo certification, like organic fruits and vegetables would go to, by the US government. But that doesn’t mean that it’s undoable! Commissioning an independent firm that will do the audit, certifications, and other processes that you need will do the trick. That’s how Colorado-based cannabis company L’Eagle did it. They made sure that the product they’re making is of high quality, and the standards they’re practicing is one of a kind.

Two particular brands offer a different approach to cannabis products:  Beboe, a “luxury” brand for cannabis pastilles, and Canndescent, an “ultra-premium” brand for non-filter, cannabis cigarettes. A Chicago-based company named Green Thumb Industries acquired Beboe this year. They dubbed their product “the sweets for the elites,” and packaged it in classy tin cans.

While Canndescent has raised more than $27 million from its investors, both have their ways of “promoting” the product, either by using expensive-looking containers or by using bright and colorful designs. By using these “extravagant” approaches, perhaps people belonging to the upper echelons of society may take notice.

This kind of approach is similar to how liquor companies market their product. First, they have the upper hand on how the price would fare, and then they come up with a product. The production of the product should fall within the standards. Once they finished making the product, it should undergo quality control. Come to think of it; could people tell the difference between the flavor and the “high” they get? It’s funny, but I don’t understand how and why would these companies charge more than their competition? But of course, if we’re talking about ordering whiskey at a bar, would you order a $10 bottle for your guests, or would you rather get that premium Japanese or Scottish brand? In the end, it’s all about the name. The same goes for cannabis products.

Barneys has begun a cannabis shop called “The High End” at Beverly Hills. They also opened online. They sell luxury accessories like:

  • Sterling silver Mini Bic Lighter Case
  • A set of 10 pre-rolled paper cones for joints
  • Hemp Street Apparel
  • Cannabidiol (CBD) lotions
  • Cannabis perfumes and colognes

The partnership with another California cannabis company, Sherbinskis, has inspired the company to enter the street hemp apparel business. Sherbinskis have connections to rap artists and other influencers. It would be a good start for something new!

They also sell a wide selection of CBD lotions, which, according to studies, has soothing and medicinal benefits when applied to the skin. The Demeter Fragrance Library describes cannabis scents with the aphorism: “slightly floral, and slightly spicy… a deep penetrating beauty.” Reminiscent of the immortal reggae icon Bob Marley’s persona. Perfumers contemplated the whiff to be “alluring” as an uptown basement.

There’s also a jewelry line named “Genifer M” that creates cannabis-leaf-shaped jewelry pieces. Korto Momolu, a world-famous fashion designer (who joined Project Runway, Season 5)  displayed these cannabis pieces of jewelry on a New York fashion week show.

Bling has always been a part of pop culture. With the growing popularity of the beneficial uses of cannabis these days, “canna-bling” is becoming the in-thing!

Though they may have linked vaping to various issues regarding “vapers” who became very nauseous, a lot of people are still into vaping. There were suspected casualties linked to vaping. But people still seem to go on with it. Just like what Double Barrel, a vaporizer company, released recently: a $100,000 worth vape machine laced with diamonds and white gold. The design was diamonds and white gold laid out in a luxurious camouflage pattern. With such a luxurious vape machine, cannabis oil would be a great alternative for popular vape flavors.

Shine, a company that produces rolling papers made from hemp fiber, went overboard when they made rolling papers laced with edible gold dust! Imagine, 68mm x 34mm, single-piece costs $10 for each.

As each day passes, more and more thrill-seeking, risk-taking, and daring entrepreneurs will be coming up with an idea of a luxury item for this breakthrough product.

Jason Osni, the founder of “Old Pal,” claims that luxury brands for cannabis wouldn’t work out. Old Pal, is a company and brand that he started. They make more affordable cannabis products. His website design has that classic 1950s vibe that makes anyone feel nostalgic just by browsing it. He also sells cannabis oils for vapers and the classic “buds.”

Jason Osni’s company vision is simple, “It’s just weed man. Neighbor-grown and meant to be shared…”

So far, some states have already accepted and legalized cannabis because of the medical benefits it can give, and the undiscovered advantages it holds for the future! It’s still a long way before cannabis products can reach the “wellness” sections of our markets. But it will get there!


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