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Maine to Legalize in 2020

Cannabis aficionados in Maine are excited by March 2020! After years of waiting, they will finally be able to purchase marijuana products legally in retail stores. It has been three years since the approval of legal marijuana for adult-use, and the path wasn’t easy. A principal act was passed recently by the Legislature and is now in effect. It made adjustments to Maine’s Marijuana Legalization Act that were crucial for the office to implement the rules within two (2) months.  According to David Heidrich, spokesman for the Maine Office of Marijuana Policy, it means applications for retail marijuana sales are now open by the end of 2019. The legalization issue in Maine has been affected by numerous setbacks. One of those obstacles mentions about the hiring of a chief consultant for the industry. It was slowed down by the former Governor, Paul LePage. His stand on the marijuana legalization act is on the opposing side, which somehow “dragged” the case. Scott Gagnon is another opposing figure in the marijuana legalization act. He has been with the State Marijuana Commission for the past years. He mentions that such actions, from a public health perspective, will benefit the general public more. The somehow “slow” pace has been more purposeful for Maine, compared to other states. All in all, it has been great for the Marijuana Legalization Act in the long run. For marijuana aficionados, both medical and recreational, it is quite baffling that adults do not have a place to buy it in Maine. As expressed by an independent consultant in the Marijuana industry, it is somehow “frustrating.” Do do not fret; it ends next year! The promptness of the approval of the applications will still depend on the requirements and how they accomplished it. The state is forecasting revenue from the sales by March 15th.

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