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More Jobs if Bogs Were Converted Into Cannabis Farms

Ireland is a majestic place with breathtaking scenery. A part of this country’s landscape is state-owned bogs. These bogs are thousands of hectares in size, and lately, Sean Canney, Minister of State for Natural Resources, said that these could be converted into medical marijuana plantations. This could also create more revenue and more jobs. A feasibility study has been carried out by Bord na Mona as to whether cultivating medical cannabis could replace turf-cutting on bogs. This is part of the initiative of the Brown to Green strategy in an effort to change to low-carbon sustainable models. Bord Na Mona has also mentioned that around 500 jobs may be lost when peat harvesting ends in 45 active bogs in the next years. Simon Harris, Minister of Health and Canney, have met with people at Bord Na Mona in the past weeks. They talked about the possibility of creating Ireland’s first medical cannabis manufacturing. Canney said that growing medical cannabis has the potential to create a decent number of jobs. He further said that Bord na Mona could do this for other countries. He claimed that although this idea is just at the early phase of development, it needs the support of several regulations and approvals. Bord na Mona could appropriate as much as 5,000 hectares from its 80,000 hectare land for growing medical marijuana. Recently, Harris signed a law that allows people to consume medical marijuana over a limited amount for the next 5 years. This law also provides access to cannabis for therapeutic reasons. This is in case traditional treatments have failed. The Minister of Health also expects the first drugs to be regulated by a scheme which may be available soon. Harris said that if medical marijuana access is successful, Ireland should consider growing marijuana. This can also bring more opportunities for local farmers.

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