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Nevada Ends Pre-Employment Marijuana Testing

Cannabis’s groundbreaking medical breakthroughs continue to send shock waves in different market sectors because of its massive profitability. However, cannabinoid compound remains the leading cause for the drug’s legalization. Since recreational use is now allowed in the US, specific rules within the business world will have to go. Nevada then puts its foot down on the barriers that continue to paint marijuana as a banned substance.

Nevada became the first state to prohibit almost all of the cannabis drug testing for incoming employees. Steve Sisolak, the Democratic Governor of Nevada, signed the Bill on June 5 after the legislation passed State Assembly and Senate. Sisolak states that the law will mostly benefit Nevadans that use recreational marijuana while maintaining obvious exceptions for companies. Sisolak also adds that the cannabis industry’s flourishing growth will open economic opportunities in Nevada, which is why he signed the AB132 Bill.

The AB132 Bill prohibits denial of employment in case a presence of marijuana shows up in a prospective employee’s screening test, which is ideal for most Nevadans looking for a job while enjoying the occasional high. However, Sisolak maintains that it is essential to consider the safety of others. The Bill will not take effect on specific careers and jobs like emergency medical technicians, motor vehicle operators, and firefighters, which could all affect the lives of other civilians.

When it comes to the federal level, the substance remains illegal. Federal jobs and positions that use federal funding will also receive an exemption from the new law. Last 2017, Nevada legalized, taxed, and regulated marijuana use for adults.

According to Nevada Assemblywoman Dina Neal, the newly-passed law will also exempt workers whose focus are on providing safety and operating heavy machinery and equipment. Neal reveals that she does not want people to fall into discrimination for legal marijuana use.

The law will take effect in Nevada in January 2020, which makes Nevada the first state to eventually enact a law preventing pre-employment drug testing. However, New York City legislation passed a similar rule last May. The City Council’s 40 to four vote approved the new law, which prevents companies from forced marijuana drug screening on potential employees.

Despite being the first to pass the law, New York City’s ban on marijuana testing will take effect on May 2020, which is three months after Nevada’s activation of the law. Like Nevada, New York City also exempts security and safety jobs like construction workers and police officers, as well as federal employees.

New York City public advocate Jumaane Williams claims that the new law is a way for the world to move forward with recreational marijuana while waiting for the state to legalize the substance use. Williams states that the Reagan era’s ban on marijuana makes the war on drugs more like a war on workers. Williams also adds that employers do not test candidates for alcohol use, which makes it easier for companies to avoid marijuana testing since its legalization. Williams claims that there is a need to create more access points for company employment instead of less with marijuana testing.

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