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Ontario Government to Issue Cannabis Sales License

There have newly released regulations made by the Ontario government regarding a startup guide for private cannabis stores that should take place on April 1.

Store hours for stand-alone shops are at 9 a.m. and 11 p.m any day. However, the stores should be away from schools at least 150 meters away and can only accept 19 years old and above. The government sets a limit of 75 shops per operator as its market concentration.

Due to these structural changes, the legal purchase of cannabis from the Ontario Cannabis online store can only be made until April.

On December 17, the government will start processing applications for cannabis sales licenses. After legalization on October 17, the retailers who remain operating will not be eligible to have the permit to sell.

The Government of Ontario won’t release an issuance of a license to anyone who is associated with organized crime. Also, applicants should prepare their tax compliance reports to prove a good standing.

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