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Rob Gronkowski: CBD’s New Pitchman

Rob “Gronk” Gronkowski, a former New England Patriots key player, is now into CBD. The retired player proclaimed on Tuesday that he’s a spokesperson for Abacus Health Product for its cannabis-extract CBDMEDIC pain reliever items.

Gronk’s New Venture

Gronkowski stated that he was thrilled with the partnership with Abacus, a company that he trusts, and begin a new chapter of his profession as a believer for CBD in recuperation. During his NFL career, Gronk won three Super Bowls playing for the Patriots, however, due to several injuries was not able to play for the 29 regular-season matches. He said that he forced himself during his entire career as an NFL player, even while recuperating from many injuries and nine surgeries. He added that he was in almost relentless pain and thought of making a change. Gronk started to look for a better and more organic alternative to mend, and he came across CBDMEDIC. Gronkowski mentioned how these CBD products aided him in safely managing the pain. He also said that based on his experience with the CBDMEDIC, how inspired he was to work with Abacus to present these new CBD items to the market.

Retired NFL Advocacy

Gronkowski, during a press conference, said that he would plea to several sports’ governing council allowing players to use CBD. Abacus creates its OTC topical medicines, also known as cannabidiol, which is a marijuana extract that does not cause any high effect but is vital for medical cannabis. The legality of CBD is still shaky, which varies from every state. Perry Antelman, Abacus CEO, said that the company is proud to have the most excellent tight ends to grace football. He also added that Gronkowski’s exuberant’s passion towards life while upholding a healthy, pain-free, and natural lifestyle that agrees with the company’s mission. Providing an effective, natural, and safe relief for millions of Americans who require recuperation is the focus of Abacus. Abacus did not divulge on how much they’ll be compensating Gronk. However, they said that the retired athlete would get a minor voting share of 302,835, plus an option to purchase another 36,555 for $15 per distribution. Gronkowski ventured into various businesses. He sells workout equipment through his Gronk Fitness, sells out apparel, and partnered with a party bus establishment to rent out Gronk Bus which he officially branded.

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