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See How This Problem-Solving App Solved Most ED Issues

The importance of keeping track of patients coming in and out of the hospital and real-time information analysis is as essential as to reviving someone from a severe accident or emergency. These data keeps the institution in sync with the demand for stuffing, procedures needed, and patient flow.

However, due to peak hours or season, chaos can sometimes mess up the system affecting even the most established emergency departments you could think of. Consistency could be a challenge to most hospitals since one cannot predict such emergencies. Hence, the need for a system that offers analytical data about such conditions is a must among medical institutions nowadays.

A company named MultiScale Health Networks, an expert in health data analysis by introducing high technologies to old medical practices thought of a tool that can revolutionize how medical institutions cater patient data. Upon witnessing how it helps emergency departments coordinate and organize essential data, the device or app can help improve today’s healthcare system drastically.

The new app is called the MultiScale Hive App. It is a very straightforward tool aimed to coordinate, organize, and analyze information essential for a systematic procedure in every Emergency Department. MultiScale Hive App’s primary function is to address throughput, stuffing, and other ED concerns proactively. Through this new app, medical institutions can forecast its attending practitioners and touch base with patients information real-time.

Currently, the MultiScale Hive App is used by 35 hospitals under the Providence St. Joseph Health System (PSJH). During its early stages, the tool received positive results from Emergency Departments with regards to essential data needed to plan schedules of medical attendees effectively during peak season. In a sense, minor issues were taken care of before it transpires into a medical grievance.

The real-time data analysis of MultiScale Hive App opens new avenues for medical institutions to eradicate possible delays on data transfer. It is evident that a minor issue can cause a significant impact on every patient’s condition. Hence, knowing and understanding every data needed from step a to z is a must.

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