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Silver Value Going Positive – Should You Invest?

The value for silver per ounce today is $14.91, that is a 0.04 percent increase based on current trade. Finance and Trade experts predicted possibilities of silver reaching its all-time high in their 2018/2019 forecast.

Currently, the silver trade value is upbeat, giving more confidence for investors to enter the silver industry. And, with the investors’ interest renewed in investing in the silver trade, we investigated the probability of achieving success in investing in this lustrous metal.

Silver was first discovered by an ancient civilization in Asia Minor dated back 5,000 years ago. The Greeks used the precious metal as its currency which, since then, made the metal a valuable material.

Silver, aside from its durability and preciousness, is used in a wide array of industries such as in electronics, jewelry, and even medicine. It has been a part of the ever-evolving global economy. Hence, investors saw its growing value, and since then, become one of the essential investing platform next to its sister metal, Gold and other precious metals.

The current price trend for Silver has been looking positive in the past couple of months and had investors renewed their interest over the precious metal. However, investing isn’t as easy as 1,2,3 – specific recommendations must be taken into consideration before engaging in this trade.

Physical Gold, one of UK’s leading dealer of Gold and Silver, highlighted practical steps that interested investors must review. There are two types of investment in the silver trade – Physical Silver and Paper-Based.

Physical Silver, as the adjective denotes, is something that is tangible like bars or coins. Meanwhile, Paper-Based investment pertains to stocks, EFTs, or mining. The two, however, requires two different approaches in achieving gains.

In investing with Physical Silver, certain conditions such as VAT is one significant factor to look at. In the UK for instance, Physical Silver is VAT free, meaning investors can maximize profits. Further, this type of investment eradicates possible cyber or hacking crimes which are evident with cryptocurrency nowadays.

For Paper-Based Silver investment, investors have the possibility of receiving quick gains, depending on the current market value. Further, one can fully maximize its profit since there is no storage or handling fee in keeping paper-based investment.

Daniel Fisher, the Managing Director of Physical Gold, stressed that it is important to understand risks and gauge on certain factors before investing. Investing in Silver, in particular, requires a lot of attention and is not for speculative investors since it demands a long-term investment to see its gains.

Hence, it is essential to discuss investment goals with firm experts before spending, to help you understand and determine what form of investment best suits your interest.

So, going back to the question raised in this article, whether or not you should invest in Silver, the answer depends on your current state. If you want to protect your money from inflation and other forms fluctuating interest rates, then this is for you.

Silver is considered one of the most stable assets, alongside Gold and other precious metals. The increasing demand sees a silver lining in the further growth of the trade. Possibilities of receiving higher and quicker gains are on the horizon.

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